Integrative Therapies

LightBridge Hospice provides a full complement of integrative therapies, which enhance the quality of life for patients during end-of-life care. Each team member—registered nurses, social workers, hospice aides, spiritual care counselors, and volunteers—has been trained in the use of these therapies. The availability of a range of therapies that add to the patient’s plan of care allows our team to customize an experience for the patient. The integrative therapies services are funded, in part, from donations by the families of former patients through the LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation.

The Integrative therapies that are used in a patient’s plan of care are carefully selected and discussed in Individual Treatment Team meetings, to reflect the needs and desires of the patient, and to enrich their end-of-life care enhancing their quality of life.  The LightBridge approach is a commitment to patient-centered, family-focused support. The use of integrative therapies is an excellent way for families to participate in care and enhance the quality of life for someone they love.

The Lightbridge Hospice Community Foundation is instrumental in providing funds for the specialty programs that bring so much to the patients and families of Lightbridge. The foundation is a nonprofit organization funded by the thoughtful support of donors, individuals, corporations, and foundations, who are providing peace of mind and comfort for those facing their end-of-life journey. To learn more about the foundation please visit:

Supportive Music 

Music touches us in special ways; it is frequently accessible to those who are in severe decline when all other forms of communication have gone.  Music offers the opportunity for expression, connection, and relief from pain and anxiety. A unique feature of our care includes a variety of music specifically selected for patients with dementia, which has been shown to relieve pain and provide inner relaxation at the time of passing. 

Pet Therapy

LightBridge has certified therapy dogs and makes visits to patients easing their pain, decreasing their stress, and sometimes even lowering their blood pressure. Pet therapy has been shown to decrease agitation and improve social behaviors in patients with Dementia.

Healing Touch

This certified program uses light or near-body touch to clear and balance the human energy system facilitating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This intentional therapy provides a compassionate connection between the caregiver and the patient, and relieves stress, pain, and frequently allows the patient to pass in peace.


LightBridge uses only 100% pure essential oils based upon patients' needs and desires.  Our selection of oils is chosen specifically for their end-of-life benefits and may reduce anxiety, insomnia, or nausea. Other oils may provide comfort, peace, or inner clarity. Our staff works with the patient and family to select a beneficial scent, which often provides a lasting connection.