LightBridge Medical Associates

The LightBridge Medical Associates (LBMA) team of physicians and nurse practitioners is committed to providing patient-centered, family-focused support to individuals facing serious, complex illness.  We provide expert consultation and resource coordination in any setting - even in the comfort of an individual's own home.   We will assist in helping the patient and family to coordinate needed care with other healthcare providers.

Palliative Care is the comprehensive treatment of the discomfort, symptoms and stress that may occur with a serious illness or injury.  The primary purpose of palliative care is to prevent or relieve the pain and suffering a patient may be experiencing, and at the same time improve his or her quality of life. 

Our collaborative approach to care enables us to facilitate open discussions about treatment choices in order to ensure that the patient and family are able to make informed choices.   Our goal to understand and follow the patient’s wishes while achieving the best pain and symptom relief possible.

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