November 14, 2016

Quality Isn’t Just a Buzzword—Examples of How LightBridge Personalizes Hospice Service

The end of life is a vulnerable and fragile time for families and patients.  Motivated by their understanding and sensitivity to this, our team at LightBridge strives to elevate the level of hospice service we provide.  Our goal is to help families by giving them and their loved one the quality of care and support they need and deserve to bring meaning and comfort to this experience.

For us, quality hospice care is a mindset—it permeates all aspects of our service. We don’t stagnate with a dictionary definition of “quality.” Instead, we commit to getting better every single day, and evolve our quality of care to meet patients’ immediate and anticipated needs. Here are just some of the ways LightBridge exemplifies true quality in hospice service:

Developing a personalized care plan

Patients and families are always involved in the process of creating a personalized care plan. Generally speaking, each patient’s care plan is based on assessments completed by medical professionals (nurses and doctors), counselors, and other members of the team. We align those assessments with the patient’s and family’s input to deliver a comprehensive, therapeutic and supportive care plan. Because this is patient— and family—directed care, working in concert with the hospice team, we can better provide personalized, comprehensive support.

Creating a comfortable environment for all patients, especially veterans

Our veterans program is an example of creating personalized care and environments for each patient. We take deliberate actions and interventions to monitor and adjust care so the patient is as comfortable as possible. Our veteran-specific assessments give us a better understanding of the trauma a veteran may have experienced during their time of service. At a time when their physical and emotional reserves may be hindered by their illness, our care plan will account for their service history (wars, location/theatres) to manage their environment and limit certain triggers which might otherwise add to their anxiety.

Listening to patient wishes

Far too often, medical professionals, family and caregivers assume patients want to die a certain way.  We strive to listen, understand and work with our patients, along with the family, and together craft moments and memories that bring meaning and comfort.  This core value reveals the heart of LightBridge.

Taking the time to better communicate with all caregivers

At LightBridge, we place a high priority on communication—not just between the patient and family—but with all other providers and caregivers involved in the patient’s hospice care plan. Because we don’t just take care of patients in their home, but also in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and other long-term care facilities, we study the regulations, challenges, and restrictions those places and entities face in their day-to-day operations. This helps with compliance and continuity. As a hospice provider, we oversee a patient’s entire medical care plan, so it’s up to us to encourage strong communication in order to coordinate the best care possible.

The end of life becomes a less frightening situation when you’re in control of your care plan. At LightBridge, we want your experience to be your own, and for you and your loved ones to feel empowered and comfortable with the end of life journey. To learn more about LightBridge and our unique vision of quality, contact us by calling (858) 458-2992. You can also visit us online at  

By: Abigail D'Agostino, RN, BSN, MBA, Director of Patient Care Services