July 5, 2017

LightBridge continues to evolve! What does that mean for our patients and care partners?

Today’s health care system is dynamic and ever changing.  In order to continue to provide the best possible care to our patients, LightBridge Hospice and Palliative Care continuously seeks ways to enhance and expand our services.  Our specialty programs help us maintain and optimize the personalized care we are dedicated to providing to our patients and their families and the programs and services we offer our partners.

To stay abreast of system changes and the challenges and opportunities this presents, our founder and CEO, Jill Mendlen, is actively involved in a variety of professional organizations including the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, the American Health Care Association and the American Health Insurance Plans Association. 

LightBridge’s commitment to continuous improvement is key to our efforts to deliver exceptional care to our patients and value to our care partners.  Three of our focus areas are summarized below: 

Hospital Inpatient Program

We are expanding our hospital based inpatient program with the Palomar Health System.  This means we will be able to meet and care for more patients while they are in the hospital.  By providing palliative care consults that focus on comfort, controlling pain and other symptoms and clarifying an individual’s treatment goals and desires we are able to provide an extra layer of support for the patients we serve.  We are also expanding our Palliative Care Program into the community for those patients who return home and are still able to benefit from the extra support provided by palliative care.

Managed Care

LightBridge is expanding its managed care programs.  Whether it is hospice or palliative care we work with most health plans and insurance companies to provide quality care and support to their members.  In collaboration with LightBridge Medical Associates, we have been providing community based palliative care consultation services throughout San Diego.  We bring our services to wherever a patient calls home – their own home in the community, an assisted living facility or nursing facility.  We have also been providing a comprehensive team based palliative care program for select Health Net members for the past two and a half years and we have recently launched a similar program with Blue Shield of California for their San Diego members.

Program Development

At LightBridge we are always seeking to expand the depth and breadth of our specialized programs.  We routinely review the programs and services we provide to determine if there are ways to improve our care and support.  For instance, we initially developed our Veterans Program to better serve our veteran patients.  We then became a We Honor Veterans Level 4 Program (This is a comprehensive program developed by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and the Veterans Administration) in an effort to enhance and improve our Veterans Program.  Ohr Ami, The Jewish Hospice Program was born out of our desire to recognize and honor the unique end of life needs of the Jewish Community.  Our Dementia Program was developed to enhance the skills of our team in caring for those patients and families struggling with the challenges presented by this unrelenting disease.

Ultimately, all of our efforts are focused on assuring we provide the best care possible to those patients and families we are privileged to serve.

While we continue to expand and deepen our suite of services and programs, you can always count on personalized compassionate care from our team.  We want each of our patients to feel that they are our most important patient.

For more information on LightBridge Hospice and Palliative Care’s array of services contact us today by calling (858) 458-2992 or visiting us online at www.LightBridgeHospice.com.