August 28, 2017

Important Hospice News and Updates

We are pleased to announce just last week CMS launched the new Hospice Compare website. LightBridge scores consistently exceed the national average for the recently published quality indicators and we are ranked as one of the top three hospices in San Diego

To see our scores and information, just click on this link and enter LightBridge Hospice in the box labeled “Hospice Agency Name.” 

We also learned today that Scripps Hospice has ceased admitting new patients and intends to cease being a hospice provider effective September 15, 2017.   We are all saddened by the closure of another significant hospice in San Diego and we wish the Scripps system continued success in all their work as a premier provider of healthcare services to our community.

The loss of a provider like Scripps Hospice can have a profound impact and we at LightBridge pledge ourselves to ensure quality hospice services continue to be offered to our community here in San Diego.

Some of you who are our Partners in Caring may have residents or patients who are currently receiving services from Scripps who need to transition to another hospice.  Others of you may be a patient, family member or friend of a patient currently receiving hospice care from Scripps and in need of a new provider.   

Our commitment is to minimize the potential for disruption and provide for them the quality of care for which we are recognized. It is not a difficult process and we will be pleased to assist you in making that happen.  Just call us at 858-458-2992 and we will send someone to help navigate the transition.


Jill Mendlen