August 14, 2018

Celebrating 15 Years of LightBridge

We are truly honored and pleased to share that 2018 marks LightBridge’s 15th anniversary. The past 15 years has provided us with a journey that has been endlessly inspiring and rewarding. Through the years, we have touched the lives of thousands of people across San Diego, each of whom has made an unforgettable impact on our lives as well. As we reflect on the past, embrace the present and envision the future, we would like to share a few of the meaningful lessons and experiences that have guided and will continue to guide our approach to hospice and palliative care.

Holistic and Heartfelt

We believe that hospice is the most unique and comprehensive care program available today. In addition to nursing care, hospice encompasses emotional, psychological and spiritual support for patients and—just as importantly—for their family. At LightBridge, every patient has a personalized program of care that reflects their individual needs, values, and wishes.

Being able to care for our patients and their families during a very important and powerful time in life is truly an honor and a privilege. We thank all those who have invited us into their lives to help ease and support their journey.

Never Easy, Always Rewarding

As hospice and palliative care providers, we are there with families during a very challenging time. While our work is never easy, it is always—always—rewarding. Between the wonderful, passionate people we work with and the impact we are able to make for patients and families, we would not trade our careers for anything in the world.

Living Every Day to its Fullest

Many people naturally equate hospice with dying, but that’s not at all the way we see our mission. To the contrary, we help patients live every day to the fullest extent possible with the people they love by their side. Having the strength, patience and “hospice heart” to bring the best of every day to those who are experiencing or witnessing the end of life journey reminds us that what we are doing is truly special. We are making meaningful moments and everlasting memories.

We Are All LightBridge

The terms we use to describe our team are heart driven, passionate, dedicated, integrative and interdisciplinary. More importantly, though, we think of our team as family. We are so fortunate to have such outstanding professionals and compassionate souls, who comprise our caregiving team – Doctors, Nurses, Home Health Aides, Social Workers, Chaplains, Volunteers and our administrative team. We are all working together to provide care with depth, sensitivity and empathy as families invite us into their lives and rely on us during their most vulnerable times.

To the LightBridge family thank you for being the amazing team you are!

To our patients and families thank you for the honor and privilege of being there with you. 

To our referral partners thank you for entrusting your patients to us.

To all of the above and the entire San Diego community we will uphold our high standards and even raise the bar for years to come, while continuing to evolve and expand our many programs. Learn more about our history, mission and values.