March 17, 2017

5 Things A Patient Can Expect Once They are Referred to LightBridge for Hospice Care

At LightBridge Hospice & Palliative Care, we understand how difficult it may be for physicians to say goodbye to one of their beloved patients. When a physician spends 20 years or more with a patient, they want to find a hospice care provider who will share the same level of compassion they have for them. With LightBridge, each patient is in capable, caring hands from the moment they are referred to us. These are the five things a patient can expect once we bring them into our family:

1. A caring and compassionate staff

To us, the most important thing each patient can count on is being cared for by a compassionate team. Kindness and compassion are the underlying foundation of what LightBridge is all about. Once we receive a referral, our support for them begins immediately and lasts throughout their entire journey. It is our priority to establish trust and a meaningful relationship with every patient and their family. That relationship starts with a passion for helping our patients be able to treasure their life, and being consistent with our care for both them and their families.

2. A patient-directed care plan

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do, including the decisions we make in regards to their care plans. We consider our method of care to be patient-directed. That means we listen to their needs, goals, and wishes and incorporate those into their care plan in every way possible.

3. A care plan created along with their physician

Each patient’s care plan is also built in partnership with his or her physician. When a patient is referred to us, we listen to the physician’s concerns and wishes for the patient. If they have any special requests, medication orders, or specific care plan directives, we follow those orders and include all in the patient’s care plan. We appreciate how important their patients are to physicians and want them to feel confident our dedication translates into the care we provide to each patient.

4. An open line of communication with their physician and office

For us to do our best in creating that plan, we first strive to create a relationship with their physician. We take the physician’s requests for each patient into consideration but also listen to the physician’s desires beyond that. If a physician wants us to follow up with them after every visit, our nurses will do so; if they are happy with the care we are providing and want less communication, we will honor that request, too. Our goal is to add a layer of support for each physician and their staff, and assist them in enhancing the care they provide to their patients.

Because LightBridge is a smaller hospice, we have the chance to make a serious, one-on-one connection with each physician office. Each physician will work with and speak to the same team member on our end, which makes our communication more consistent and the care we’re able to provide to the patient more substantial.

5. A quick response time

The most effective way we put all this into action is with our quick response time to better meet our patients’ needs. When they are referred to us, we quickly turn around and contact their family to offer our support and educate them on the hospice process and what LightBridge stands for. That rapid response time follows them throughout their journey, and any time they need a nurse or have a question, we are immediately there to support them.

At LightBridge, we want each physician to feel confident that their patient is wholly cared for as they go through their individual journey. To learn more about LightBridge and our unique vision of quality, contact us by calling (858) 458-2992 or visiting us online

By: Penelope Pongun, Medical Social Services